An•arch•ei noun One with no ruler.
I am an individualist, I accept that the collective does not exist. I am an atheist, I accept that gods cannot logically exist in reality. I am a voluntaryist, I accept the immorality of violent orderless social organisation. I am a vegetarian, I accept that killing animals is not in line with the non—aggression principle. I am also a fairly decent writer, photographer, web designer, and graphic artist. Read More


Constitutionalism: The belief that a piece of paper drafted and signed by a tiny aristocracy of men is a legitimate perpetual contract that makes the government voluntary on the part of those within a society that did not sign the document and limits the powers of governmental agents for all of eternity.

Minarchism: The belief that there can be a government limited to the protection of rights without violating rights in and of itself; the belief that all goods and services should be provided by the free market yet somehow the principle magically doesn't apply to the defence and arbitration industry.

Democracy: The belief that the government is controlled by the people simply because every few years they get to punch a hole in a piece of paper with the names of a few rich and powerful men on it.

Nationalism: The belief that imaginary lines on a map constitute real and meaningful property boundaries; the belief that territories have human traits or personalities of their own; the belief that immigration is the spawn of satan.

Objectivism: The belief that the initiation of force is wrong yet somehow it is permissible to arbitrarily invade Iran and Venezuela because "we" have oil interests there; the belief that only romanticism is real art; the belief that you can eliminate taxation and still have a "government".

Political Libertarianism: The belief that the state is inefficient and immoral yet for some strange reason the state is the only viable means by which we can bring about liberty; the belief that democracy is tyrannical yet we must use it to our advantage.

Paleoconservatism: The belief that conservatism was hijacked by leftists and communists and that the "true conservatives" are those who support protectionism and white nationalism; the belief that you're more conservative than those creepy neocons yet somehow you support just about as powerful of a government as they do.

Christianity: The belief that the path to salvation lies with devotion of one's life to a Jewish zombie hippie who is his own father.

Satanism (Laveyan): The belief in the writings of a former carnie con artist who haphazardly threw together the ideas of Ayn Rand and Aleister Crowley, incoherent ramblings on the Enochian key and rhetoric to draw in rebellious teenagers.

Zionism: The belief that because your people were nearly liquidated once, you have an inherent right to liquidate others and forcibly remove them from their own territory.

Religion: The belief that fairy tales from centuries or millennia ago passed down through shaky oral tradition and written down by fallible men are actually absolutely true and codes to live one's life by.

Collectivism: The strange belief that groups have a mind of their own yet their component parts don't.

Altruism: The belief that self-destructive servitude for the sake of others is the greatest virtue; the belief that everyone should mutually be slaves to each other.

Epistemological Subjectivism: The belief that all truth claims can be reduced to mere personal opinion or preference, yet somehow this view isn't a mere opinion in and of itself.

Epistemological Nihilism: The belief that there is no such thing as truth, yet somehow it is true that there is no such thing as truth.

Statism: The belief that it is not only moral but necessary for a particular group of individuals to do that which is openly acknowledged as being immoral and not necessary for everyone else to do; moral hypocrisy at the institutional level.

Primitivism: The strange belief that living in a cave or mud-brick hut or as a hermit in the woods is preferable to modern industrial society; the romanticisation of long gone tribal and hunter-gatherer societies (in which life was nasty, brutish and short) as peaceful and prosperous utopias.

Welfarism: The belief that the poor can be helped by giving them back a tiny chunk of what was originally stolen from them and keeping them in a state of dependancy on the government; the bribery of the lower classes.

Inflationism: The belief that all problems can be solved by simply printing up more money, despite overwhelming evidence that the arbitrary creation of new money creates problems in and of itself.

Monetarism: The belief held by a bunch of Chicago School economists who think that they are free market proponents but really are quasi-Keynesians.

Anarcho-Syndicalism: The belief that corporations are evil yet somehow corporate-dominated government chartered and cartelised unions are the path towards a free and stateless society.

Hobbesianism: The belief that a highly pessimistic view of human nature that entails war of all against all justifies absolute control by the state, despite the fact that the state is made up of *gasp* human beings.

Radical Environmentalism: The belief that the planet itself has intrinsic value and that human beings are inherently evil parasites on the face of the planet; the modern religion of nature-worship.

Globalism: The strange belief that large-scale conflict and war would end if only we put all political power in the hands of a singular oligarchical institution with control over everyone in the entire world.

Marxism: The belief that some crazy rich German guy has predicted an inevitable egalitarian future and has mapped out the path towards the liberation of all poor and working people through the work of a benevolent dictatorship.

Racism: The strange belief that a particular roll of the genetic dice entitles and requires one to completely separate themselves from others with another particular roll of the genetic dice; the collectivism of bubble-headed bigots.



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