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On Gun Control Laws

Law, as imposed by state decree, is rule by fear. Ordinary people obey such law not because it is the right thing to do, but rather because they fear the consequences if they disobey, or they are powerless to rebel against unjust laws. Criminals, not being ordinary people, disobey such laws because they do not fear the consequences, regardless of whether or not their disobedience is the right or wrong thing to do. When a criminal’s disobedience is in response to an unjust law imposed by the state, their cause is righteous, and the cowering masses may secretly desire them success in their crusade, but will not overtly assist in conquering such evil. When a criminal’s disobedience is due to a total disregard for universal ethical and moral standards, no amount of fear mongering will sway them from their course. They will break the law as if the state had never decreed it and commit their evil acts without shame or remorse.

An example of this principle in action is the notion of gun control. The state decrees that restrictions will be imposed on ordinary people in the ownership and use of ranged weaponry. Fearing reprisals from the state if they disobey, ordinary people disarm themselves grudgingly, perhaps reassuring themselves that the state will protect them against those who disobey. For criminals who lack regard for universal ethical and moral standards, however, such laws are meaningless. They will disobey because they do not fear the state or it’s purported monopoly on the use of force. In fact, criminals would welcome such laws, as it means their indented victims become easy prey for their evil acts. It is not a stretch to also contend that the state would welcome a disarmed populace, not only because it makes imposing unjust laws easier and more efficient, but it gives the state an allegedly credible reason for continued existence: That there are evil people in the world and the good people need the protection of the state. Criminals, however, will not wait while state agents arrive to defend the disarmed populace. They have no sense of honour or willingness to be joined in battle. They simply want to send the sheep to slaughter. The state is more than willing to delay its response, observing from the sidelines as the criminals achieve higher death tolls, if it provides more excuses to bolster its power and control over ordinary people.



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