An•arch•ei noun One with no ruler.
I am an individualist, I accept that the collective does not exist. I am an atheist, I accept that gods cannot logically exist in reality. I am a voluntaryist, I accept the immorality of violent orderless social organisation. I am a vegetarian, I accept that killing animals is not in line with the non—aggression principle. I am also a fairly decent writer, photographer, web designer, and graphic artist. Read More


This is the portal page to the philosophy of liberty. From here you have access to various topics, each briefly explained and then expanded upon with supporting resources. It is suggested that you progress through the series in the order shown. Click on the first heading below to begin.

Human Nature Government

Here you will discover our true nature and what it means to be human. Includes the following sections:

  • Humans Reason; and
  • Are Human Beings Self-Owners?

Think you know what government means? Take another look. Includes the following sections:

  • Garbage In;
  • Purpose: Myth And Reality; and
  • The Mafia Parallel.
Market Ethics

If you want to find out how a market works, this is a good place to start. Includes the following sections:

  • Everybody Wins;
  • Everybody Stays Selfish;
  • Everybody Prospers;
  • The Freer, The Richer;
  • Why It Must Be So; and
  • Everybody Competes.

Here you will see what ethics is all about and why it matters. Includes the following sections:

  • What Are ‘Good And Evil’?; and
  • Why Be Good?
Religion Justice

A brief examination of the paradox that emerges when combining a rational philosophy with an irrational belief system.

Think you know what justice means? Think again. Includes the following sections:

  • How Justice Functions; and
  • 'Protection Insurance'.
Taxation Environment

What’s wrong with taxation? Find out here. Includes the following sections:

  • The Nature Of Taxation; and
  • Wealth Distribution In A Free Society.

Here you will discover what it means for the environment when government is in control. Includes the following sections:

  • 'Public Property';
  • Collective Farming; and
  • Government Control.
Borders War

See what it means to live in a world without borders. Includes the following sections:

  • Take A Flight;
  • Property Lines?;
  • Rival Sets Of Laws; and
  • Borders In A Free Society.

Have you ever questioned what it means to go to war? Includes the following sections:

  • 'Defence'?;
  • Why Governments Wage War; and
  • Defence In A Free Society.
Money Education

Money makes exchanging goods and services easy. Here you will discover how government messes it up. Includes the following sections:

  • Government Money; and
  • Inflation And Control.

Where did our current system of education come from? You are in for a shock. Includes the following sections:

  • Classrooms;
  • Schooling Before 1850;
  • The Prussian Model;
  • Horace Mann; and
  • 'Education' Today.
Health Family

If you care about your health you may want to read this. Includes the following sections:

  • Whose Life Is It, Anyway?;
  • Health Insurance; and
  • What Went Wrong.

What is a family? What does it means to be parent and child? Find out. Includes the following sections:

  • Children.
Economics 'Lim­ited Gov­ern­ment'

Don’t be daunted by the subject, it’s not as hard to understand as some make it out to be. Includes the following sections:

  • Macro Or Micro;
  • Demand, Supply, Price;
  • Competition;
  • Visibility;
  • Jobs;
  • Sell Yourself; and
  • What Brings Prosperity.

If after all that you have learned above does not convince you to let go of government, perhaps this will. Includes the following sections:

  • The Phrase Itself Is A Contradiction In Terms; and
  • It Was Tried, And It Failed.